Mogo, the Third Warthog Review

Mogo, the Third Warthog
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Mogo the Third Warthog is a story about a warthog who goes on many adventures in his lifetime. Mogo gets kicked out of the burrow by his mother and has to live with two of his brothers. During the story, Mogo's first brother moves away and his second brother gets lost in a hyena pack.
I love Mogo the Third Warthog because it's about animals. My favorite characters are Mogo because he has lots of adventures, and Baboony because he is really funny! My favorite part is when Baboony jumps down from the tree and kills the monster because you wouldn't think a baboon would do something like that.
Mogo had a problem when he lost both his brothers and was lost in the plains. Mogo had another problem when he was stuck in his burrow with the monster.
I would recommend this book to someone else. I think a type of person that would like this book would be a person who likes adventures and animals.

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