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Out of Control
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Valerie Michon is just an ordinary highschool girl. And "Rollo", "Brigg" and "Candy" are just ordinary highschool guys. Until the day that the guys decide that Valerie's a little annoying and that they might have some "harmless" fun teasing her. But the guys don't know how one thoughtless moment can change their lives, and Valerie could never know how her sense of security and optimism could be altered in the blink of an eye. This novel about sexual assualt is well-written, thought-provoking, and hard-hitting. Norma Fox Mazer keeps it suspenseful and realistic and knows just how to develop the characters. It is written in a way that makes you realize that sexual assault isn't a simple issue and we are challenged to think of the the boys as "normal", not just as monsters. In particular, "Rollo" is shown to have just "jumped on the bandwagon" and lived to regret his actions. Valerie is also portrayed well...struggling with humiliation, anger, and shame. Minor characters also add interesting and contrasting viewpoints and perspectives. To close...a well-done book on a difficult subject. Any teen should read this.

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