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Big Bug Surprise
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Prunella, the protagonist of Julia Gran's compelling Big Bug Surprise is from her antennae like braids and big bug eyes down to her black and yellow bee's knees stockings, all bug. In case the reader missed the point, Gran gives us a look at her room which among other bug wonders contains an ant farm, a bee clock and mobile, a poster of a wasp ala da Vinci, and a grasshopper sculpture of The Thinker that would have made Rodin proud. The one fly in the ointment however is Prunella's total inability to interest the adult world in her bug universe. Neither her parents, the school bus driver, nor her teacher at school have any time for Prunella's passion. Her entreaties to peak their curiosity all end with the grown up intoning, " Not now, Prunella". She on the other hand persists and when it is "show and tell" day at school it is as predictable as ants at a picnic what life form she'll bring.
The members of the supporting cast in this small volume could each be the protagonist of her own book. Ms. Mantis the school teacher is all pointy elbows and nose to go along with her nettlesome personality. The bees in the story are always smiling and seem quite contented with their sweet centered existence. A wonderful spider who appears on each page is Prunella's trusty side kick much as Beaker is with his muppet pal Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.
The action virtually bounces off the pages of this fine tightly woven tale whose moral is the benefit of following one's own bliss. But don't expect me to reveal any more or what the big bug surprise might be. Go get your own copy but please, don't bug me.

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Prunella loves bugs. She's always eager to share her bug knowledge, even if others don't always want to listen. So she's aflutter to shine the spotlight on one of her favorite bugs at show-and-tell. On the big day, though, Prunella's plan is squashed when a swarm of bees invades her classroom! Luckily, Prunella has an idea. And like a true queen, she leads the bees safely to a new hive. Her teacher is impressed! Her classmates cheer! But what does Prunella do? She shares more bug facts, of course, and her audience couldn't beeeee more delighted.

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