Wow It Sure is Good to Be You Review

Wow It Sure is Good to Be You
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This is a beautiful and touching book about loving someone when you're not together. The text is poetic, with staggered rhymes. "Somebody, somewhere, is thinking about you,
Keeps your picture in their pocket,
Misses your kisses,
Loves you more than birds love trees,
more than brothers love to tease,
loves you even more than dogs have fleas,
and that's a lot too!
Loving you is their favorite thing to do.
Wow! It sure is good to be you!
And these sweet words are accompanied by fun, lively illustrations of a little girl going about her life while getting support from afar. I love the "Girl Power" crown on the kid's head. I love that she is a person of color. I love the picture of her acting out in her house. I love the aunt's/friend's/cool grandmother's hip bell-bottom pants. A wonderful book to share with the princess/rock star/cool girl in your life.

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