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A Small Surprise
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The little bunny looked like a little hobo with his bindlestiff over his shoulder. He was looking at a circus poster with a crudely made sign advertising for jobs. "Jobs available apply within. Small animals need not apply." Gee, he was very small, but he was also very much in need of a job. There were all kinds of BIG animals surrounding him. There was the snake who was so long he looked like he could twist himself in knots, there was a big goofy gorilla with a hat on, a rhinoceros, a lion, a bear on stilts and a wide-eyed giraffe who was really big and tall (and kind of daffy looking). Yep, he was pretty darn small.
He opened up his bindlestiff and pulled out an umbrella, some shoes and a little red ball to put on the end of his nose. "I am too small to wipe my own nose. I am too small to tie my own shoes." The goofy gorilla took a little sympathy on him and tied them for him. He walked across a tightrope, but soon grew tired. Little people and bunnies are like that. He had to have help with his food, but made a BIG mess. One thing he could do was disappear. Where do you think the little bunny who was too little to do much of anything go off to?
This is a comical book for those who, according to the author, "are too small to wipe their nose or tie their shoes or walk far without a rest . . . but not too small to make a BIG impression on others." The book was adorable and it was very amusing to see that the other grownup animals didn't quite know what to do with such a little one. The watercolors are bold and add a lot to this little story. I especially enjoyed the little scenes where the bunny is trying, without much success, to tie his shoes, only to end up on his back. If you have a little one who could use a lot of help, perhaps you are looking at a book that he or she could use your help by reading it to them!

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A triumphant and endearing tale to tickle the smallest listeners.A very small bunny wants to join the circus and is not put off by a sign reading "Small Animals Need Not Apply." Though he is too small to wipe his nose or tie his shoes or walk far without a rest, he is not too small to make a BIG impression on the lion, the orangutan, and the other big animals of this circus troupe. This buoyant little tale is at turns funny, endearing, clever—and just right for the smallest child in any family. The brief text and expressive illustrations are great fun to share with a preschooler.

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