The One, The Only Magnificent Me Review

The One, The Only Magnificent Me
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This book is truly wonderful. The text has a delightful poetic flow that is at times quite Seussical. The illustrations are gorgeously colorful, delightfully simple yet detailed, and a perfect complement for the story.
A young boy wishes he were an amazingly unique fantastical creature, one everyone would admire and stand in line to see. He sadly accepts that this cannot be. His mother appears, whispering some strengthening truth in his ear - he is already unique and magnificent, just the way he is.
I read and re-read books to a two-year-old every day, and most of them I can't stand. Some I have actually hidden from her to avoid reading. This outstanding book is one I look forward to reading to my own children some day. I just hope that this book gets the exposure needed to make it the true Children's Classic it has the potential to be.

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Join a disheartened, yet triumphant little boy as he journeys through the exploration of his own magnificence. He quickly discovers, after trying to keep up with his peers, that his own idea of average is more unique and outstanding than ever imagined.Â

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