I Take a DEEEP Breath (I Am a Lovable Me) Review

I Take a DEEEP Breath (I Am a Lovable Me)
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The second book in the "I Am a Lovable ME!" self-empowerment series, I Take a DEEEP Breath is a picturebook encouraging young readers to "take a DEEEP breath in" to gain strength from their own courage and inner peace, then "breathe out" fear and doubt in order to confront new challenges. Simple rhyming verse and four-color illustrations of a friendly six-legged beetle learning to grow from new challenges every day offer an inspiring example of the power of breath when used to focus on positive thoughts and emotions. Highly recommended. "If my parents get angry with me / I take a deeep breath in and breathe out slowly. / I'm not sad anymore; I know they love / me for sure!"

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I Take a DEEEP Breath! encourages children to take a deep breath in-accessing their own courage, strength and inner peaceÉand then breath out fears and doubts in order to face challenges they may encounter throughout their lives. A powerful coping mechanism as well as the perfect starting place for children to learn breath education, this book is the first step to good health! Narrated by an adorable young child the CD engages children with itÕs delightful melody and interactive verse. Narration of I Take a DEEEP Breath! book. AWARDS - Images Available on request Mom's Choice Award (Best Children's Series) Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award CNE Award of Excellence

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