Curious You: On Your Way Review

Curious You: On Your Way
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No matter your age, you just can't help but love Curious George!
With CURIOUS YOU: ON YOUR WAY!, author H. A. Rey takes the life and times of Curious George and applies it to the very important event of graduation. Whether it's graduating from preschool to a elementary school, from high school to college, or possibly even a graduation from childhood into adulthood, this is one book that you'll always be able to take along with you.
As we learn along with Curious George, there will always be new things to see and do, new heights to reach, new dreams to aspire to. Sometimes things might seem scary, and sometimes we won't know which direction to take. Whatever we do, though, and wherever we go, our family and friends will always be there to cheer us on.
This is the perfect gift for everyone in your life -- toddler, teen, or adult.
Reviewed by: Jennifer Wardrip, aka "The Genius"

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Curious You: On Your Way! is a perfect sendoff for children of all ages entering a new phase of their lives. Follow along with George in classic scenes from many of his original books as he provides words of congratulations and encouragement to anyone who has accomplished much but still has many things to see, to do, and to dream!The ideal gift book for a graduation, a promotion, or any occasion, Curious You: On Your Way! helps to celebrate all of the milestones of our lives.This inspirational story reminds readers young and old who are moving up or moving on that they have a special someone cheering for them as far as their curiosity can take them!

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