Raj the Bookstore Tiger Review

Raj the Bookstore Tiger
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Raj the marmalade cat has always been beloved by his owner, Felicity, and enjoys parading around Felicity's bookstore. Raj thinks he is a tiger, and relishes the attention from the children who frequent story time sessions until the arrival of a rival cat, Snowball. Snowball is a snooty cat with a mean streak, and plants doubts in Raj's mind as to his claims of being a tiger. Raj turns despondent and sad, causing Felicity to worry about him. The story eventually takes an interesting turn with a special intervention by Felicity. It is a cute story about a cat that learns to embrace its inner `tiger'. The charming illustrations and engaging text make this a fun book for young children.

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Books make everything better. Being a bookstore tiger is hard work. There s much patrolling, and a lot of sitting in laps at story hour, and then there s sleeping in the window display. But Raj is up to the task. He is fierce and proud until Snowball comes along. The new cat in the bookstore informs Raj that he s just a marmalade kitty-cat. Times get tough, then, for the bookstore tiger. But bookstore and Raj owner Felicity, with the help of poet William Blake, knows how to fix things. In turn, with a very special book, Raj is able to fix things with Snowball. Paige Keiser s quirky, intimate illustrations invite readers to curl up and share a story with their own tigers or a friend.

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