Sadie the Air Mail Pilot Review

Sadie the Air Mail Pilot
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These are some of the most fascinating illustrations I've seen in a children's book. They are a madcap, anachronistic combination of retro and futuristic, realistic and fantasy. The cityscape pictures bring to mind the 1927 movie Metropolis. Many airplanes are pictured, all in great detail. Some are fairly realistic depictions of real airplanes. Some look like they could have been based on real, futuristic drawings made long ago. Some are whimsical. Some look like they could be based on real toys. All are so cute you want to grab them right off of the page and examine them.
I'd like to hear from a flight history expert on which ones appear to be based on real historic planes, and what those planes were. A few of them are named here:
The pictures are beautiful, and full of interesting detail. The other night I was reading it to my kids for at least the 10th time (their choice), and noticed a little creature for the first time. My kids and I both enjoy just staring at the pictures, mesmerized at all the details.
I was disappointed to learn that this is the author's first book, so there are no previous ones to dig up. I hope there are more to come in the future. He (yes, Kellie Strom is a man) is certainly off to a great start.
The story is ordinary but okay.

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ONCE UPON A TIME a few brave pilots in little planes flew the Air Mail. No wind, no rain, no cold, or flu, Can stop the Air Mail getting through!Sadie is a brave and fearless pilot who overcomes the elements - and even a plane crash - to deliver the mail. Like all the dedicated Air Mail pilots, she is kept busy by the arrival of never-ending sacks of mail and the Air Mail HQ chief who barks orders at his staff. But that won't stop Sadie from getting it delivered.

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