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I Can Do It Myself
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I bought this for my daughters 2nd birthday. and I had no idea that it would help increase my patience with her. As a Mother of a child that stated more times then I could count "I can do it myself" a day. I found the all telling illustrations, cute repetitive text and interesting tasks the girl chose, to be very entertaining. and I believe this was one of the first books I heard my daughter read to her stuffed animal friends. While reading it I felt we came to an understanding about her ability and my need to 'let her do it'. This is one children's picture book I am glad I bought and not regretting the $ spent.

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Emily Pearl can do lots of things by herself. But sometimes even resourceful little girls need help.
Emily Pearl is a very big girl. She can pour her own juice. She can tie her own shoes. She can feed her goldfish. She can even curl her own hair. Whenever her mother tries to help, Emily says, I can do it myself!
But even a very big girl like Emily can sometimes feel a teeny bit small, especially at bedtime when dark shadows creep across the walls of her bedroom. Lucky for Emily, her mom understands and gives her a helping hand.
Young children will surely recognize themselves in Diane Adams s delightful, rhyming story of one child s determined quest for independence. Nancy Hayashi s charming illustrations complement the text, colorfully capturing the chaotic ups and downs in the life of a preschooler.

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