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Words In The Dust
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Whatever your feelings on the war in Afghanistan "Words in the Dust" will make you think about this issue in a different way. While we, as Americans, view the war through the lens of politics or ideology, Reedy shows us Afghanistan through the eyes of a young girl named Zulaikha. While we debate war strategy and think of success in terms of the latest statement by General Patreaus or President Obama, Zulaikha hopes only for a chance to learn to read. While we obsess about transforming Afghan society on a large scale, this heartrending story shows the impact of transforming the life of one small girl.
This book reminds the reader that the war is not, as much as we like think it is, about us... it is about Zulaikha and the other children of this windswept and unfortunate country. If you are looking for a book that shows the challenges facing the average family in Afghanistan and paints a beautiful picture of their hopes and dreams you cannot do better than "Words in the Dust".

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