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Poor Little Witch Girl
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Verbena is a witch. Her mother has always told her so. It is passed down to the oldest daughter. As the only child of a witch, that makes Verbena one. Not that anything has happened to prove it yet, but it will. At least her mother hopes so. Ursula dreams of training her daughter, of how powerful they will be together. Unfortunately, Verbena has no interest in becoming a witch. Verbena wants to be normal, she wants to date boys, and get married, and not scare people away with spells and creepy things in cupboards. The more Ursula insists, the less interested Verbena is.
Anastabotte, Verbena's grandmother, is enlisted to change Verbena's mind. She takes Verbena to her house once a week for an entire day. Ursula thinks it's for training, Verbena thinks it's an escape from her mother, and Anastabotte wants the best for everyone. Until they meet up with Soufi, the boy Verbena has a crush on. Add in the first spell Verbena works, locating the father she's never met, and you've got a big magical mess.
The story is told in the first person, by each of the characters. They each get a few chapters to tell their side of the story, except Ursula who both opens and closes the book. Naturally the story overlaps a little, since everyone has their own take on the events that they were a part of. Quirky people in odd situations makes this book a good, quick read.
Reviewed by: Carrie Spellman

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