Lester Fizz, Bubble-Gum Artist Review

Lester Fizz, Bubble-Gum Artist
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Lester Fizz has a problem. He is a member of a family where every one has exceptional artistic talent. There's Frieda, Winslow, Edgar, Cornell, Pablo, and Georgia just to mention a few. And their styles vary from everything from abstract painting to collections to photography.
Lester's problem is that he hasn't found his style and medium yet. And he remains the only Fizz that hasn't been recognized as an artist. That ends one day when his Uncle Edgar (Degas look alike) advises him: "The way I see it, Lester, anyone can be an artist. Look at this sculpture. What do you see? What don't you see? What do you want to see?"
Lester takes that lesson to heart and is delighted to discover that his talent is manipulating bubble gum. But his elation is soon quashed when he has to compete in an art contest against his nemesis, Cousin Cornell. A situation complicated by the fact that Lester looses a tooth right before the competition!
Besides the humor inherent in bubble blowing as high art form, there's a real chance here for some art education and a darn nice theme, that sometimes you have to hunt around to find out what you are good at.
My children (boy and girl gum enthusiasts; currently 6 and 8) really enjoyed this book I liked that various art styles were demonstrated and that there were representations of the artists and their works at the end of the book along with an invitation for kids to see if they can "I-Spy" the artists works on other pages.
Overall, a good story, and an excellent opportunity to expose children to art. The AR (reading level) as given by Perma-Bound is 2.0 and the Interest Level is 1st thru 3rd Grade. Also, a Good Read-Aloud.
"He took a deep breath. His belly bulged. His tongue trembled. His limber lips labored and his fact turned fushia."
Pam T~
mom and reviewer at BooksforKids-Reviews. com

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