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Beyond Lucky
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Beyond Lucky was fun, inspiring, and engaging. I don't read a lot of children's or "middle-grade" novels, but this one was definitely worth it! I was captivated by the main character's quirks and interaction with others. The characters make me feel like I'm a fly on the wall in a middle school watching the drama unfold. I could see boys and girls of all ages, whether then typically enjoy reading or not, staying up to finish just one more chapter. Ms Sarah Aronson's writing and story telling ability was beyond what is expected from children's books.

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Ari Fish believes in two things: his hero-Wayne Timcoe, the greatest soccer goalie to ever come out of Somerset Valley-and luck. So when Ari finds a rare and valuable Wayne Timcoe trading card, he's sure his luck has changed for the better. Especially when he's picked to be the starting goalie on his team. But when the card is stolen-and his best friend and the new girl on the team accuse each other of taking it-suddenly Ari can't save a goal, everyone is fighting, and he doesn't know who, or what, to believe in. Before the team falls apart, Ari must learn how to make his own luck, and figure out what it truly means to be a hero.

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