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On Those Runaway Days
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On Those Runaway Days is a children's picturebook created especially to help teach children to see running away for what it truly is: a dangerous means of avoiding problems rather than learning how to confront and fix them. The straightforward text offers young readers simple means with which to constructively deal with problems instead. "When I feel scared or upset, that 'uh-oh' feeling starts inside me. It's a signal that reminds me to get out of the situation right away and find an adult I trust. My 'uh-oh' feeling is telling me this is one of those times. I need to stop running away and talk about how I feel." The simple color illustrations add a comforting touch to this highly recommended picturebook, ideal for parents (or teachers) to read aloud to children as a lead-in to talking about tough issues, and as a preventative to teach children about better options than running away before a crisis happens.

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Here's help for all adults who want to talk to young children about personal safety. Written by an expert in child safety, this full-color picture book teaches kids (and helps adults reinforce) seven important rules to personal safety in a nonthreatening way. It covers topics like safe versus harmful secrets, safe versus harmful touches, and the importance of having a community of trusted adults to turn to for help. Emphasizing the "check-in" rule and teaching kids to trust their gut instincts, this book gives children the knowledge and confidence they need to make smart choices about their personal safety every day.

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