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The Silenced
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I picked up this newly released book yesterday with the intention of reviewing it as a possibility for an eighth grade English class. As a teacher I used Mr. DeVita's earlier novel "Blue" for a school wide project at an arts Middle School in Wisconsin. My skimming review of the book for school use turned into a 12 hour addiction. Couldn't put it down! My teenage children and husband are fighting over whose turn it is to read. I can't recommend this book more highly. Not only is it an exciting fictional offshoot of three actual unsung heroes of the holocaust, reminiscent of Number the Stars, but an inspiring tale of activism in the face of overwhelming odds. The words "people deserve the government they're willing to tolerate" keeps ringing in my head. My students will be reading this in the fall, and I know it will spur on many historical and political discussions. This book is not only entertaining for all ages, but like every great novel, it makes one think about our responsibility in the world, and the courage it sometimes takes to fulfill that responsibility. You won't be able to put it down!

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