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The Winter Road
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A compelling story of survival: 17-year-old Willa, feeling estranged from her parents while the family mourns her brother's death, makes a solo flight without telling them to put herself back on their radar. But when mechanical failure brings down the plane in the winter wilderness of northern Ontario, she finds herself in a struggle for her very life. She has to design and apply resourceful solutions to a set of obstacles that, at first, appear hopeless. The dangers of starvation and freezing from the cold are evenly matched by the fear and despair that she must work to overcome; she makes progress as she confronts one problem at a time. Ironically, much of what keeps her going are things she had learned on back country trips with her father; and it is the memories of those good times as well as the knowledge he provided that steer her toward a plan to find rescue.
The detail in this book is extraordinary, from the technical particulars of flying a small plane, through the rich depiction of the bleak and beautiful landscape, to the precise techniques that Willa uses to build a fish trap or to dismantle parts of the plane to make tools. The authentic portrayal evokes chills in the reader when things go wrong and jubilation whenever Willa resolves another dilemma.
It's a great yarn, well worth the read.

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