Bug Goes through the Maze (Bug's Adventure Series) Review

Bug Goes through the Maze (Bug's Adventure Series)
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The first book in this series, Bug's Trip to the Store was good, very, very good. I am delighted to report though that as each book is presented by this author, K.M. Groshek, it just gets better and better! I was absolutely delighted with this third offering, Bug Goes through the Maze (Bug's Adventure Series).
Our little yellow VW Bug set out one morning and comes across a cornfield; slowed down and took a closer look. Even though he had passed that way before, he was curious this time and decided he wanted to do some exploring. A friendly pumpkin came along about that time and explains to Bug that this is a "maze," and that it takes some exploration and searching as to how to get thorough it.
Our story takes us through the corn maze with bug; discusses his decisions and notes his reaction to individual he meets on the way. Some of these going through the maze need Bug's help, others in-turn help our little yellow car.
Of course the message of this story is that like a corn maze, life is like a puzzle and we are constantly faced with choices, not only of which way to go, but of how to take the various paths which open to us. The author is quite effective in explaining this without being preachy or overbearing with her message. Kids will get it, but they will have to do a bit of thinking on their own from time to time...just like real life.
The text is accomplished by the use of simple and comforting rhyme which is really rather well executed. While there are a couple of instances where vocabulary might be a bit difficult for the extremely young reader, most will be able to figure out through context what they mean and possible a bit of help from the adult reader. New words are a good thing. Don't underestimate the brightness of your child!
Facing the unknown, developing the ability to make cautious, prudent yet logical choices is a theme woven throughout the story. The willingness to help others and accept help is an underlying theme which will become instantly recognized by the older reader and completely understood by the younger ones as they complete the work.
"So get out the door
and try something new,
there's adventure out there,
merely waiting for you."
"The friendships you make
are really profound,
new sights and dear friends
you'll find all around."
Hmmm, good advice for both young and old alike!
As to the illustrations: The author is not only good at her writing craft, but also an excellent artist. Her use of bright bold primary colors is quite eye catching and her illustrations go perfectly with the text. I note that in this most recent work, in comparison with her earlier work, she is using shades and contrast more and more. This is extremely effective and pleasing to the eye.
This is a well written and illustrated work. It has been kid tested with great results. I really do not know much more you would want in a children's book. I do highly recommend this one.
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Bug takes you on an exciting new journey as he makes his way through a maze in Bug Goes Through the Maze. He has fun, meets new friends, and even gets a little nervous when he has trouble finding his way out. But he refuses to give up and because of that, he makes his way out of the maze. The book reinforces perseverance and strength. Bug Goes Through the Maze is a delightful story with a joyful cadence and lively imagery.

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