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Blue Pearls
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The Blue Pearls is a wonderful and tender story of love, giving, and coming back home to God. The author wrote this story based on a dream she had of her own daughter, Elise, who died of cancer in 1993.
The angels are making a beautiful blue dress for Elise, who will be joining them shortly. They want blue pearls for the blue dress and need to find out from the great oysters if this is possible for them to do. The head angel visits the great oysters and finds out that it is impossible for them to make blue pearls. She then confronts "the higher power" who tells her that it is indeed possible. She only needs to listen to her heart for the answer. She then flies back to the land of the great oysters and follows the sound of beautiful singing that she hears. She finds the small oysters circling their smallest member, who is joyfully singing amid a halo of blue light. The head angel tells the smallest oysters that they will produce the blue pearls, which will adorn the blue dress.
Elise must leave her three small children soon, as she knows her time is almost completed on earth. She teaches and loves them the best that she can and imparts the wisdom to them that the only important thing on earth "is loving and being loved". Material goods are not what is truely important, . . . but that love is. ...
The illustrations by Veronique Giarrusso are most bright, colorful, and beautiful. The author also has also written an addendum at the end of the story explaining how this story came to be inspired and written.
This book would be a wonderful story to read to young children (3-8), if they know that one of their parents will soon leave them to be with God and the angels. The story is loving, tender, and patient and the pictures will soothe any of their fears.
I loved this book and highly recommend it!

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