Little Critter: Just Big Enough Review

Little Critter: Just Big Enough
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In "Just Big Enough," Little Critter finds himself feeling like a lot of kids --- wanting to be bigger. He's tried of being bullied around on the school bus, or not being included in the "big-kid" games.
Yes, Little Critter is serious about wanting to be big, so he starts looking for ways to be bigger. He starts eating healthier and exercising. He even invents his very own "growing machine," but none of it is working. Will Little Critter come up with a way to be bigger? Or will he find something about the size he is now?
"Little Critter" continues, after over thirty years, to be a charming and identifiable picture book series.

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What's so great about being little when it means the big kids take your seat on the bus, eat all of the cupcakes, and won't let you play football? Little Critter wants to grow up -- and quickly. So he builds a growing machine and eats (almost) all of his vegetables, but doesn't grow an inch. What's a critter to do? Just when things seem hopeless, Little Critter's Grandpa shows him that being big doesn't always mean being the best. Fans of all ages will adore Mercer Mayer's classic character as they learn and grow with him

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