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Everything I Was
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This is a great little book; my only complaint is that there should have been more of it. But to be honest with you, I need to read slim volumes once in a while to get a rest from reading books that are 400 or more pages. This book fit the bill.

The writing is simple and straight forward and you could easily figure out what all the characters were thinking. The story was very easy to follow and even though this book may be considered YA but I am a baby boomer and I enjoyed it.

Irene is pre-teen whose father was a corporate VP making a great salary but had just lost his job due to a merger. She lived in a penthouse in New York and went to a private school. Her mother was enjoying the life of luxury and didn't understand what the job loss really meant to her easy go spending habits. There is quite a bit of tension going on because of people not expressing their true wishes.

They are forced to move out into the country in her Irene's grandfather's house. Irene was going through a lot of changes that don't just involve growing up. She has to decide what is most important to her. Her grandfather is a gem. He makes her feel so at home at the farm, fixing up great places for her to escape her parent's constant arguing. You will want him for your own grandfather.

This is a page turner that you will definitely not like to lay down.
I recommend it to people who love to read books about families dealing with change.

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"My walls were stripped, and all that was left in the room was a pile of boxes and my mattress propped against the wall." So begins Irene's journey from an Upper West Side penthouse to--well, she's not entirely sure where. Irene's father, a corporate VP, is "downsized" when his company merges with another. When he can't find work, her family's lifestyle--and her mother's spending--quickly catches up with them. Eventually, they're forced to move in with Irene's grandfather in the family farmhouse upstate. But what begins as the most disastrous summer of Irene's life takes a surprising turn, and Irene must decide what she wants for herself after losing everything she was.

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