The Girl with the Mermaid Hair Review

The Girl with the Mermaid Hair
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I'm not really sure where to begin with this review. The Girl with the Mermaid Hair was an...interesting read - much different than they type of books I normally would read. To me, it was okay. I didn't hate it, but I didn't fully enjoy it either.
I found myself getting quite annoyed with Sookie's character and even her mother's too. Sookie is the kind of person who is extremely obsessed with the way she looks. Constantly taking pictures of herself, or even looking at herself with anything that will show her reflection. If one hair on her head was out of place, she would freak. I also think that Sookie's mother is the majority of the reason Sookie is the way she is - everything had to be perfect, so of course Sookie picked up the same attitude. I would think it's unhealthy to live life having everything extremely perfect.
Overall, this was a decent novel, but not one of my favorites.

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