How Fletcher Was Hatched Review

How Fletcher Was Hatched
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As an elementary teacher, I'm surprised this book is not more popular today. I remember it from my childhood as being my very favorite picture book, partly because we had a dog like Fletcher. Fletcher demonstrates an intense devotion and insecurity about his mistress's love for him. He's jealous of the chickens she raises. To solve this problem, he gets his friends to build a gigantic egg around him, hoping to get her attention by resembling the eggs/chickens she dotes upon. It's a creative way to solve his problem. I plan to use the book in my classroom to illustrate point of view, problem solving, cooperation and character's feelings. (Plus I just like any story that's about a dog!)

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Fletcher is a large hound dog with brown spots, and hismistress is a little girl named Alexandra.The trouble starts becauseAlexandra is interested in baby chicks - tiny, fluffy, yellow chichk thatsay "Peep!" as they come out of their shells. Fletcher's water dish is empty.He hasn't had his ears scratched in days. "She's forgotten me," he decides, and mournfully he shuffles off to thepark at the edge of town.Here Fletcher's good friends, Beaver and Otter,have the idea.Fletcher must hatch!Of course, Beaver is a masterbuilder, and it's no trouble at all to build an egg around Fletcher.Theegg is large and pink and speckled with brown, and it poses somewhat of aproblem for the school principal, not to mention the science teacher.Butyoung readers will delight in the hilarious climax, along with a littlegirl named Alexandra.

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