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Wolf At the Door
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Lee moves out to MT. She and her mom stop at a small zoo and see a young wolf that is very sick and starved. Her mom gives the keeper about $50 to feed the animals and he uses it for whiskey. The go back and take the wolf home with them. Lee is supposed to take care of this wolf Ruthie. Slowly Ruthie begins to trust Lee. Then one day Lee gets a call from a man who has a small wolf pack. He can't take care of them anymore and asks her to take care of them if he gives her enough meat for the whole pack for the rest of their existence. She says yes and she gets enough meat for Ruthie and the rest of the pack. She basically falls in love with them. How ever her sister Savannah is scared to death of Ruthie and the rest of the wolves and the neighbors don't like them. They try to poisin them and Savannah saves them. The rest I will leave for you to find out. Have fun!!

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