The Tallest of Smalls Review

The Tallest of Smalls
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An encouraging message for children: When you feel like you'rethe smallest of smalls, Jesus' love can make you feel like the tallestof talls.

A delightful rhyming story about the Too-Smalls who live in theStiltsville. Every evening a six, the Too-Smalls meet in the squarewhere they hope they'll be picked to receive stilts to strut aboutabove the stilt-less masses below. They come to see if they matter-ifthey're awesome, if they're pretty, if they're clever, or funny. Ollie,the smallest of too-smalls, pleas to be picked. He wants to be like thehigh-ups of Stiltsville who are proud of their stilts, the ultimatestatus. But once he gets stilts, oh how it hurts when he stumbles andtumbles and loses his stilts. That is . . . until he meets Jesus whochose low over high telling him, "Keep your feet on the ground. Youmatter already."

This book for kids coordinates with Max's trade book, Fearless, releasing in September 2009.

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