Just Being Me #4: I'm ALL Dressed Review

Just Being Me #4: I'm ALL Dressed
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All parents can easily identify with the not-so-easy routine of dressing a child. It's especially unsettling if the child is young, it's cold outside and they want to dress themselves.
Robie H. Harris has written another lively romp that looks at the lives of parents and children everywhere with I'm All Dressed! I quickly identified with the exasperated parents attempting to leave the house when the child wants to get dressed "his way," which he considers the right and only way.
This is a humorous look at getting dressed through the eyes of a child. It's thought-provoking look at growing up for parents. Our little ones want and need independence. Getting dressed is one area where their choices probably won't be dangerous, only somewhat embarrassing to parents.
I enjoy Nicole Hollander's colorful illustrations. They are eye-catching in their simplicity. Children will immediately be drawn to them.
Armchair Interviews says: A little lesson for parents: children need to learn. Allowing them to dress themselves is a good thing, even if it's not what we consider the right way. It's important that the child is satisfied.

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