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I Can Fly
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After the popularity of her first children book, "I Don't Want To Sleep Tonight", what can "Inside Edition" host Deborah Norville do for a encore? Bring out this one, and WHAT A ENCORE SHE HAVE GOT FOR US!!! It's surely beat her last one by many miles. Bob Beeson's pictures is a pure delight over Rachael O'Neill's art of "I Don't Want To Sleep Tonight", but, Deborah's poetry is a real improvement. If there is one celebrity children book you would like to have this year, make it "I Can Fly!". Now, only if "Inside Edition" can top her week-long stay in jail. Maybe, she ought to bring that book with her in the meantime!!!

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Everybody's good at something. But finding your special talent isn't always easy. Still, looking for it is an exciting adventure -- and you may be surprised at what you find! I CAN FLY is a warm, inspiring story of self-discovery. Through vibrant illustrations by Bob Beeson and clever lift-the-flaps and pop-ups, children will find adventure with the turn of every page. The book is written in gentle rhyme -- a perfect fit for bedtime, naptime, or quiet time.

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