The Drummer Who Lost His Beat Review

The Drummer Who Lost His Beat
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I love Stephanie Bloom's first book, "A Place to Grow," so I was excited to buy this new book! First of all, I was blown away by the artwork. The colors are so vivid and captivating, and the illustrations themselves truly capture the heart and emotion of the story. I love the rhyming cadence of the book and found myself instantly drawn in to the story of Pete and his search for his beat. The journey Pete must take to find his "own" beat is one that children and adults can all take to heart. I am expecting my first child this summer and can not wait until he is old enough to read this story to (as well as "A Place to Grow"). I will also happily buy this book to give as a gift to a child or to an adult who is searching to find his own unique beat in life! Another winner by Stephanie Bloom!!!!

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