Patch The Porcupine and the Bike Shop job Review

Patch The Porcupine and the Bike Shop job
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How can a porcupine fix a bicycle tire with his sharp quills without popping it? Well, Patch the Porcupine and the Bike Shop Job, authored by Scott Nelson will give you a nifty answer.
Patch the Porcupine always wanted to be a Mr. Fix-it. He forever followed his heart and fixed gears for other people. Hired by a bike repair shop, he makes every bike look brand new, except that every time he touches the inner tubes with his sharp paws, they go POP! But, Patch is determined to overcome this "prickly" problem! First he dreams of putting marshmallows all over his quills, but then what would happen, he quips, if he fell into a cup of hot cocoa? Then, he enlists the help of his friend Benjamin Bear. Does Benjamin Bear have a solution? Read on....
Scott Nelson has devised a hilarious and playful little story on how to overcome your shortcomings.
The whimsical cartoons jump out of the page. Colors are bright and Patch's expressions as well as all the other characters are animated and adorable.
Scott Nelson's imaginative prose and cartoons are sure to hold children's and parents' attentions.
Thinking of Patch the Porcupine will bring a smile and a chuckle to parents and children bicycling together. And, if they pop a tire, why they can go straight to Patch's Bike Repair Shop and have some marshmallows and hot cocoa while waiting for their bike to be repaired. Or they can fix the tire themselves with Scot Nelson's guide at the end of the book.
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