Best Laid Plans (Lorimer SideStreets) Review

Best Laid Plans (Lorimer SideStreets)
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Robyn's family has gotten by over the years with the help of public assistance. Her parents have worked on and off (more often off than on), and inheriting the apple orchard should be the answer to their financial woes. But their management skills remain poor and they count on Robyn to help by pitching in with the work - and also by contributing with her paycheck from her part-time job at the mall.
Robyn doesn't want to be stuck dealing with apples her whole life. She's got big dreams of being an architect and going to a college far away. She wants her money to go towards that, but her parents don't understand. Her sister, Janeen, can empathize and wants out just as badly, but Janeen is heading down a path that Robyn definitely doesn't want to follow.
Should Robyn give up her dreams to support her family? Will she make the best decision for herself?
BEST LAID PLANS is an enjoyable novel about reaching for the sky and confronting obstacles head-on. I would recommend this book for any teen.
Reviewed by: hoopsielv

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