Things that Make You Feel Good Review

Things that Make You Feel Good
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I love Todd Parr's animated illustrations and charm. But after purchasing this book and reading it to my 2-year old, I wasn't as excited about this particular book. The labels "good" and "bad" are used in a way that it introduces ideas into a young child's mind. Like some of the examples were "good:light", "bad: the dark". I am trying to teach my daughter NOT to think of the dark as something bad and not to be afraid of! So that's not too helpful. Also, it has "monsters: bad" as well as "big hairy spiders: bad". We're trying to convince my daughter that monsters don't exist, not that they are "bad" and make her scared even more. The other labels in the book are funny, like "smelly feet: bad" and "hot chocolate with marshmallows: good".
I know Todd Parr just wanted to write a funny book for kids. But if your children are at the stage where they are scared of things or take things very literally, then you might want to choose a different book!

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